Blue Edition Pyramid

Ein engmaschiges, robustes Moskitonetz spannt sich schützend über ein gemütliches Bett
Imprägniertes Moskitonetz zum Reisen
Imprägniertes Moskitonetz zum Reisen
Reise Moskitonetz GlisGlis imprägniert

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The GlisGlis mosquito net in pyramid shape is very simple in construction. It is hung on a single hook on the ceiling and then be stretched over the mattress.


Ideal for travelers who change their accommodations every few days and therefore want to be fast and flexible. It can accommodate 1-2 persons and is ideal for uncomplicated travels worldwide.


The Blue Edition with impregnation is ideal for travel to areas at risk of malaria or other diseases.


Please note:
For Kids under 6 years and pregnant women NOT recommended.
Please choose a net of the Green Edition without Impregnation.


(more information about impregnation can be found here: Safety & Care)



White Polyester


High quality mesh with 156 holes/ Inch2 (WHO recommendations)


498g without drawstring bag

Reise Moskitonetz GlisGlis imprägniert