The mosquito net with expander

We haven’t completely reinvented mosquito protection – but we have made it much smarter. Because our mosquito nets have a patented concept that distinguishes them from all other nets on the market.

Commercially available mosquito nets are usually completely unimaginative. These nets either lie on the floor or are stuffed under the mattress of the bed. But due to nightly movements during sleep, these nets can quickly slip out of their original position. And as soon as gaps appear, insects can enter the sleeping area without any problems.


In other words:


And this is exactly what we have to prevent. For this reason, our nets have a few smart features that not only make set-up faster and more comfortable, but also increases your safety. Let us introduce you to the innovative features of our nets that are only available from us.

Moskitonetz am bett befestigen

Flexible Expander

The expander – patented by us and therefore only available with our nets.
It certainly makes the biggest difference to the mosquito nets of the competition. It holds the hem of the net firmly to the mattress. If you choose one of our mosquito nets, you will soon love it.


How does it work? It’s simple!
While the bottom end of conventional mosquito nets has to be awkwardly stuffed under the mattress, the bottom end of our mosquito net can be put over the corners of the mattress like a fitted sheet, thanks to its elastic band. This is done in seconds and closes securely and without gaps.

Imprägniertes Moskitonetz zum Reisen

Entrance with zipper

Many common mosquito nets on the market have no entrance at all. Or one that consists of only two overlapping fabric panels. This is absolutely not a safe concept and there is no real protection. All it takes is a breeze from the fan or a wrong movement at night and the entrance is open and the buffet for the bloodsuckers is opened.


That is why we have also made the entrance safer and still comfortable. A double-sided zip at the foot end makes it easy to get in and out – even for night-time toilet visits. The advantage here is that our zip closes without gaps and you can sleep carefree. And it can also be opened and closed quickly.

Frau schläft im Bett mit Moskitonetz

High quality mesh

The right choice of mesh is crucial for your protection against mosquitoes. On the one hand, this must be so tight that it prevents mosquitoes from getting inside and still allows good air circulation – this is particularly important when traveling to tropical areas such as Thailand or Bali.


The mosquito nets in our Green Edition are tighter, as they have a mesh size of 220 holes/ inch2 and therefore do not require impregnation. That makes them ideal for traveling with kids, too. Our mesh is made from a 50D yarn, making it more durable than most other meshes on the market.


The mosquito nets in our Blue Edition have the same mesh size and are additionally impregnated. The impregnation puts an invisible protective layer on the net and prevents the little beasts from slipping through the honeycomb. This makes it even safer in areas with malaria or dengue fever.

moskitonetz zum reisen mit reißverschluss

Zippers sidewise

Another feature that you learn to appreciate very much when you are already in bed. Because the two smaller zips on the sides of the net give you a decisive advantage. Placed on both sides, they are perfect when you still need something from the bedside table.


Handy for a quick grab of your mobile phone or a bottle of water.