Why an impregnated mosquito net is useful when travelling

Travelling inspires everyone. Discovering fascinating countries, getting away from it all and creating unforgettable memories – there’s almost no one who doesn’t like that. But let’s face it, especially in tropical destinations, there is an almost invisible danger that can really spoil the party: Mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit. That’s why an impregnated mosquito net for travelling is an extremely important companion on your adventures. Here is a brief summary of why our impregnated mosquito net should definitely be on your trip.

No one wants to let a few mosquitoes spoil their holiday. Impregnated mosquito nets for travel are your bodyguard against the beasts that can transmit diseases like malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus and more. These are serious diseases that not only spoil your trip, but can also have real health consequences. Especially in areas where these diseases occur, an impregnated mosquito net can make all the difference.

Impregnated mosquito nets for travelling are not only an obstacle for all kinds of insects, they also have an extra weapon in their luggage. The nets are treated with a natural insecticide (Green First) that repels mosquitoes that settle on the net. Even if a mosquito makes it to the net, the impregnation stops it before it can bite you. This is especially important if an arm or leg touches the net at night and mosquitoes have an easier time catching you through the holes in the net.

The expander, a true master of user-friendliness. Thanks to our clever expander system, attaching it to the bed is child’s play. It ensures that the net can be stretched over the bed in seconds, just like a fitted sheet. No more awkward “stuffing under the mattress”. The net sits securely on the bed and leaves no gaps for mosquitoes. You can find more details about the mosquito net here Mosquito net installation – The best tips

The zippered entrance is not only convenient to get into your net, but also offers even more protection. You can easily open the entrance to get into the bed and then securely close it with the zip. That way, mosquitoes can’t get inside when you go to bed or crawl out at night in the dark. Plus, you don’t have to pull the net over your head every time you want to get in or out.

A restful night’s sleep is crucial for any trip. If you’re travelling in an area with lots of mosquitoes, a mosquito net with an expander and zippered entrance can ensure you sleep peacefully and undisturbed at night. It’s really annoying to be woken up by buzzing mosquitoes trying to nibble at you. An impregnated mosquito net with these extras not only protects you from bites, but also ensures a restful night so you’re rested and ready for new adventures.

There are many possible uses. Whether you’re staying in a fancy hotel, a guesthouse or a simple hut on the beach, you’ll be safe from mosquitoes. Both types of construction – the pyramid or the cube – will give you peaceful nights. During the day, you can also use the net to protect yourself from the beasts while you read, eat or just relax.

If pregnant women or children are travelling with you, protection from mosquitoes is even more important. Pregnant women should be especially careful when it comes to Zika virus, which can endanger babies. A mosquito net with an expander and zippered entrance therefore offers simple and effective protection for those who are particularly at risk. In this case, for pregnant women or those travelling with children, we recommend our GlisGlis Green Edition mosquito nets without impregnation

A quick check is good to make sure your mosquito net with expander and all zips are working optimally. Check that the net is intact and complete before travelling. We also recommend that you bring a hanging cord and hooks. If you bought the mosquito net a long time ago, make sure that the impregnation is still effective – it can weaken over time. If you are going on longer trips, it can also do you no harm to refresh the impregnation after a while.

An impregnated mosquito net with an expander and zipped entrance is not a luxury, but a real must-have on your travels. It offers protection against dangerous diseases, additional protection through the impregnation, more comfort with the expander and easy use with the zip. We believe it should be in your backpack when you explore new places and have unforgettable travel experiences. Your mosquito net will be a reliable partner on your travels.

No gaps. No mosquitoes.

reise moskitonetz mit imprägnierung

Two shapes. One mission.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes also exist in the most beautiful and remote countries of this world. Or maybe especially there. But that should by no means stop you from taking a trip to these fantastic places. But especially when travelling in areas with malaria, you need to increase your safety measures. Travel mosquito nets with a special impregnation recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for such areas offer extra protection.

Our impregnated mosquito nets for travelling are available in two useful designs.

The BLUE PYRAMID has a tapered shape and is hung in the middle above the bed with just one hook. This means it can be set up and dismantled quickly and conveniently. It is light and compact and is particularly suitable if you change accommodation every few days.


This spacious mosquito net has a cube shape. Thanks to its big vertical walls, it offers more space and freedom of movement inside. Due to its design, it is hung on all four corners and is ideal if you stay in the same accommodation for a few days.