Mosquito net installation - the best tips

Our mosquito nets can be easily set up in the room. And thanks to the rubber band in the hem, they can be quickly and securely attached to the mattress. Here we list a few simple tips & tricks – and the assembly is done in a few minutes. And no drilling needed. We promise!

Moskitonetz Aufbau Befestigung mit Haken

How to hang the pyramid shaped mosquito net

The pyramid-shaped mosquito net is very easy to set up. A hook or a nail on the ceiling is enough to hang it with the carabiner provided. Also always practical are these adhesive hooks that you simply stick to the ceiling. If there is no possibility to attache it to anything at the ceiling, we simply recommend to stretch a cord diagonally across the room over the bed. You can tie the cord to lamps or pictures and hook the carabiner into it. Tesa adhesive hooks

Moskitonetz Befestigung Installation

Tesa adhesive hooks for a convenient installation

Since there are sometimes no hanging options when travelling, we recommend always having a few adhesive hooks from Tesa with you. These can be quickly attached to the ceiling and removed without leaving any residue. Here is a link where you can order it from Amazon.

Tesa adhesive hooks

Moskitonetz Aufbau Befestigung Haken an der Decke

How to hang the cube shaped mosquito net

Our cube-shaped mosquito nets work a little differently in structure. These have 6 tabs on the upper edge, to each of which you can attach a cord for extension. You should use at least the four tabs on the corners of the mosquito net to maintain the functional shape of the net. The ends of the cords are then attached to hooks on the ceiling or other objects such as mirrors, lamps or pictures in the room. Since the weight is spread over several places, there is little weight on each individual suspension. Of course you can also use the adhesive hooks here.


If none of this is suitable for fastening, we recommend that you tie the respective ends of the cords into loops and tie them with a piece of adhesive tape, e.g. to stick on a closet or on a wall (it is best if you put two strips of tape like an X). The cube shape can be hung on it and then comfortably stretched over the bed.


Sounds adventurous, but works really well.


Another method of how to hang the mosquito net is by using self-adhesive Tesa adhesive hooks. These can be attached to the ceiling with a Tesa Powerstrip and removed without leaving any residue. So there is no drilling needed.

Moskitonetz Aufbau und Befestigung am Bett

How to attach our nets to the bed

Our mosquito nets are quickly attached to the bed. Simply stretch the lower end of the net with the expander over the mattress like a fitted sheet. This makes our system bullet proof – or mosquito proof in this case. It is helpful to stretch one corner after the other so that the expander is not overstretched. The expander is still allowed to contract under the mattress. You will see when everything fits perfectly so that you can comfortably get inside through the zip.
When getting in and out, always make sure that the zip is completely closed immediately so that no insects can get inside. The best way to close the large zip is to hold it with one hand so that it is taut.
The net should be attached to the bed in such a way that the side zips sit approximately parallel at shoulder height. This guarantees a comfortable reach, e.g. to the bedside lamp or remote control, without having to detach the expander from the mattress right away. We always found this super practical at night.
Be careful when entering and leaving the mosquito net at night. In a dark room, it is easy to trip. Here it is helpful if the zip is opened generously all the way to the mattress.

How to wrap and pack our mosquito nets

The cube-shaped mosquito net is quite easy to fold up like a blanket and stow away in the bag again. The supplied bag with practical zip closure is deliberately kept a little larger so that you can easily pack the mosquito net back into the bag.
The pyramid-shaped mosquito net has a flexible tension ring. To fold it, you have to turn it with both hands in opposite directions. This is similar to wringing out a damp towel. This collapses the tension ring.
The net is then wrapped around the twisted tension ring. This prevents it from unfolding. If you do it right, it will look like the photo below.

Moskitonetz Aufbau und Befestigung