Mosquito net for bed and travel in pyramid shape

Moskitonetz GlisGlis Green Edition
Moskitonetz Bett Karabiner Aufbau GlisGlis
Moskitonetz GlisGlis GreenEdition
GlisGlis Moskitonetz für Doppelbett

Features of a mosquito net for bed and travel


Fast installation. Only one hook on the ceiling needed

Our pyramid-shaped mosquito net, made for the bed at home or when traveling, is super quick to set up. A single hook on the ceiling of the room is enough to hang the mosquito net above the bed. Thanks to the supplied carabiner, the net can be hooked in quickly and easily. This helps enormously, especially if you change accommodation frequently.


Sits tight at the mattress thanks to the expander

The integrated expander at the lower end of the mosquito net makes it quick and easy to attach it to the bed. Thanks to it, the net can be quickly slipped over the corners of the mattress and thus has a secure hold on the bed. This also prevents even small insects from entering the sleeping area from below.


Safe entrance thanks to the zipper

For safety reasons, many mosquito nets for bed and travel have no entrance. However, this makes it very difficult to get in or out. That's why our mosquito nets have a practical entrance with a double-sided zipper that closes 100%. This makes it much easier for you if you want to get out of bed in the dark at night. You also don't have to worry about whether there is still a gap open somewhere.


High quality mesh with 220 mesh size

Our mosquito net for the bed is made of high-quality white mesh fabric with a mesh size of 220 (holes per inch). This provides optimum protection against mosquitoes and other insects. It can be used twice, making it the ideal mosquito net for your bed at home or when you are traveling.

Moskitonetz Aufbau und Befestigung

Compact format. Easy to store.

Due to its design, this pyramid-shaped mosquito net for bed and travel is slightly smaller and therefore lighter than our box-shaped mosquito net. It only takes up half as much space in your luggage and is therefore super practical. So if you want to change your accommodation from time to time, this mosquito net is always quick to put up and take down again. And easy to stow away.

More information to the mosquito net for bed and travel

Our lightweight mosquito net for bed and travel is made for your home or uncomplicated vacations. This pyramid-shaped mosquito net is very easy to set up. It is hung from a single hook on the ceiling above the bed and then stretched over the corners of the mattress. Thanks to the integrated expander in the hem, it is firmly attached to the mattress in seconds. The double-sided zipper allows you to get in and out safely, which is particularly practical at night. The flexible tensioning ring in the ridge provides more space inside. As it tapers towards the top, it offers less space at the top than our cube-shaped mosquito nets. At the same time, this type of mosquito net can be set up much more quickly.

The Green Edition without impregnation is the mosquito net for your bed at home but also for traveling worldwide, where there is no danger of malaria or other diseases. It is therefore also a practical companion for trips to America, Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. If you are traveling to an area with infectious diseases, we recommend a mosquito net from our Blue Edition.

Does the shape influence the mosquito net?

Pyramid-shaped or box-shaped mosquito nets for the bed are the two most common types of mosquito nets on the market. Both designs have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the variants depends on various factors, such as the intended use, personal preferences and the conditions in the country you are travelling to.


A pyramid-shaped bedside mosquito net is typically lighter and more compact than box-shaped nets. This makes it a perfect mosquito net for your bed at home, camping or other activities where weight and space are limited.

A pyramid-shaped mosquito net for the bed usually only requires one hanging point and is therefore easier to set up. This can be particularly advantageous in situations where there is a lack of suitable attachment points and a single hanging option on the ceiling has to suffice.

Pyramid-shaped bed and travel mosquito nets can be used in a variety of environments, including outdoor overnight stays or in simple accommodation, as they can be hung on various types of attachment points. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that box-shaped mosquito nets also have their own advantages. Significantly greater freedom of movement inside and the associated feeling of space, especially when staying in one place for longer periods.

The choice between the two mosquito net construction methods depends on individual requirements and preferences. Many of our buyers prefer our pyramid-shaped mosquito nets for their portability and easy installation over the bed, while others prefer the box-shaped variety for its space and comfort.

High-quality mesh fabric with 220 holes/inch2 (WHO recommendation)

Net dimensions: 60x210x900cm
Weight: 455 grams incl. bag
Wash this mosquito net with sewn-in flexible ring by hand.
Keep away from hot objects, flammable
Not impregnated and therefore ideal for children