Mosquito net for bed and travel in XL box shape.

Moskitonetz für Bett in Kastenform GlisGlis
Moskitonetz GlisGlis GreenEdition
Moskitonetz GlisGlis Green Edition
Moskitonetz für Doppelbett

Features of the mosquito net for bed and travel in XL box shape.

Moskitonetz für Bett in Kastenform GlisGlis

Plenty of space inside

Thanks to its cube shape and vertical walls, this mosquito net over the bed provides significantly more space than the pyramid shape. It therefore also fits on large beds up to 2 metres wide and offers space for at least two adults + one child. With dimensions of 2m x 2m x 2m, it would even be possible for adults to stand upright in bed. We recommend this design for the bed at home or when travelling if you want to stay a little longer in an accommodation and therefore want a little more space and comfort in bed.


Tight fit on the mattress thanks to expander

This mosquito net for large beds has a sewn-in expander at the bottom of the net as standard, making it quick and easy to set up. When pulled over the corners of the mattress like a fitted sheet, it fits tightly and closes without gaps even on large beds. This seals the mattress from below and prevents small insects from entering the sleeping area from below.

Moskitonetz für Bett in Kastenform GlisGlis

Big entrance with zipper.

An ordinary mosquito net for bed and travel has no entrance for cost reasons. However, this makes it difficult to get in and out every time. Our cube shaped XL mosquito net for bed and travel has a large entrance with a double-sided zip that closes 100% without any gaps. It makes it easy for you to get back into bed in the dark at night or to leave it when you need to go to the toilet. You no longer need to worry about whether there might be a gap in the mosquito net later on.


High quality 220 mesh

This large mosquito net for the bed is made of high-quality white mesh fabric with a mesh size (also known as mesh) of 220 holes per square inch.) This provides optimum protection against mosquitoes and other insects. It can be used twice and is therefore the ideal mosquito net for your bed at home or when you are travelling.

Moskitonetz Aufbau Befestigung Haken an der Decke

4 suspension points for more stability

To maximise the space inside the bed, the box shaped mosquito net should be hung from at least 4 points in the room. Using adhesive hooks from Tesa, this can also be attached to the bed in no time at all. You can find more details on setting up our box-shaped mosquito net for bed and travelling here: Mosquito net installation. Tips and tricks how to set up a mosquito net

Moskitonetz für Bett in Kastenform GlisGlis

Side zips for more comfort

Our mosquito nets have these small but nice features - the side zips. These two smaller zips on the sides of the net give you a decisive advantage. Positioned on the left and right at head height, they are perfect if you need something from the bedside table without having to leave the bed or the mosquito net again. Always handy for a quick reach for your phone or a glass of water.

More information about the mosquito net for bed and travel in XL box shape

Our Green Cube mosquito net in box form is made for large beds at home or when travelling and is therefore ideal for anyone who wants a little more space and comfort. It is suspended from the ceiling at 4 points and then stretched over the mattress at the lower end. It takes slightly longer to set up than the pyramid shape, but is extremely worthwhile for a bed at home or if you tend to spend your holiday in one place and don’t change accommodation every night.

The Green Edition is a great mosquito net for your bed at home but also for travelling worldwide where there is no risk of malaria or other diseases. It is therefore also a practical companion when travelling to America, Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. If you are travelling to an area with infectious diseases, we recommend a mosquito net from our Blue Edition.

In summary

Mosquito nets in pyramid shape or in XL box shape for the bed are the two most common variants of mosquito nets on the market. Both designs each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice between them depends on various factors such as the intended use, the size of the bed, personal preferences and local conditions.

What are the advantages of a box-shaped bed mosquito net compared to a pyramid-shaped mosquito net?

Box-shaped mosquito nets over the bed usually offer significantly more space inside thanks to the vertical walls. They have a more generous cut and allow more freedom of movement in bed. This can be particularly pleasant if you also use the bed for chilling out and not just sleeping in it.

A box-shaped mosquito net for bed and travel has a constant height that allows you to stand upright inside or at least sit up without the net hanging down and touching your head. This is practical if you want to read inside the internet, for example.

Box-shaped mosquito nets often offer slightly better ventilation as their height allows for better air circulation. This can be particularly beneficial in hot and humid regions such as the tropics.

The entrance to a box-shaped bed and travel mosquito net is usually a little easier to access because the zipper runs vertically. This makes going in and out a little easier compared to pyramid-shaped mosquito nets with an oval entrance.

Due to the larger interior space and headroom, large box-shaped mosquito nets for the bed are often more comfortable and provide more amenities. You can eat, read, dress and do other activities more comfortably without touching the net.

The choice between the two mosquito nets for the bed depends on individual requirements and preferences. Buyers who stay in the same place for several days and don’t change accommodation every day prefer the large box-shaped version over the bed because of its space and comfort. Please note that the box-shaped mosquito net is around 100g heavier and takes a little longer to assemble.


When traveling to areas with a risk of infectious diseases, we recommend a travel mosquito net with impregnation from our GlisGlis Blue Edition.




White Polyester


High quality mesh with 225 holes/ Inch2 (WHO recommendations)


550g without drawstring bag