The best mosquito net? Our own.

Of course, there are countless common mosquito nets on the market. We have also used them many times. But the more we travelled, the less we were satisfied with these ordinary mosquito nets – so since then we have been using a mosquito net that met our needs:


We like to travel often ourselves. On various trips we had to fight with hordes of mosquitoes again and again. Especially in areas where malaria or dengue fever occur, the danger should not be underestimated. Even a single bite can be one too many.
There were no real solutions to this problem. So we had to spray ourselves with chemicals at night or lie under a cheap mosquito net. Neither really appealed to us. After our trip, it was clear to us that we had to develop a more practical mosquito net ourselves.

Reise Moskitonetz GlisGlis Blue Edition

Cheap mosquito nets abound on Amazon. But who wants to be safe, should pay attention to good quality and should not make false economies. The higher quality mosquito nets are therefore often found in selected outdoor shops. But even these better mosquito nets have a crucial flaw – the bottom of the net.


Often this is only down on the ground. Due to the countless folds there is a great danger that a mosquito will find its way. Also, there are often holes or cracks in the floor of the property, which allows mosquitoes and other insects to penetrate from below at night.


So what to do? The traditional mosquito net is casually thrown over the bed and lay down on the floor or simply stuffed under the mattress. In the long run these mosquito nets were no longer safe enough for us. And they were not practical at all.



Moskitonetz imprägniert

We, numerous friends and many buyers have already taken our travel mosquito nets with us on many trips. No one wanted to switch back to conventional mosquito nets. Various travel bloggers have also tested one of our mosquito nets on their travels. For many this net is the perfect travel companion.
We are happy if you decide to buy a GlisGlis mosquito net and hope you are just as satisfied with it. Please have a look at the reviews on Amazon. Or best of all, write one.

Have safe travels and lots of great experiences