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The mosquito net with expander ...

A simple but clever idea distinguishes the GlisGlis mosquito net from other mosquito nets on the market.
Thanks to our patented tensioning system, the lower end of the mosquito net can be pulled over the corners of the mattress like a fitted sheet - this saves time and is easy to assemble. At the same time, it closes seamlessly with the mattress.
Not gaps. No bites.

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...and secure entrance with zipper

Another great feature that comes with our mosquito nets. The double-sided zipper at the foot end allows you to easily get in and out. Especially when going to the toilet in the dark you can be sure that the net is always completely closed. So the little beasts stay outside and you can sleep carefree.

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Our GlisGlis mosquito nets consists of a high-quality white mesh with a mesh size of 220 (holes per inch). It even exceeds the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) for protection against malaria and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

This is the ideal mesh size that protects you and allows a good air circulation in tropical countries same time.

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The flexible metal ring in the ridge automatically stretches the pyramid-shaped mosquito nets, giving you more space inside. In the end, it can be easily folded up and the mosquito net can be stowed away in the transport bag. The supplied carabiner makes it easier for you to attach it to a hook in the ceiling.

More information about how easy it is to set up a GlisGlis mosquito net: Mosquito net setup & installation

Mosquitoes know the most beautiful places in the world as well