Blue Edition Cube

Reise Moskitonetz GlisGlis imprägniert
Reise Moskitonetz GlisGlis Empfehlung Hinweise
Reise Moskitonetz GlisGlis imprägniert
Imprägniertes Moskitonetz zum Reisen

Space for you. Not for mosquitoes.

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The GlisGlis cube-shaped mosquito net is a real space wonder, ideal for anyone who likes to have more comfort on their worldwide travels.


Thanks to its vertical walls, it offers significantly more space than the pyramid shape, thus standing upright is almost possible thanks to the cube shape. It can be hung on up to 6 loops in the room and then stretched over the mattress of a double bed.


An impregnated mosquito net can be vital!


Especially in tropical areas, a single sting may be sufficient to infect with a dangerous disease, such as: Malaria, dengue fever, West Nile fever, yellow fever or the Zika virus. Here you should definitely carry an impregnated mosquito net with you. In malaria areas, including many areas in South East Asia, the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito is almost exclusively responsible for the transmission of malaria. An impregnated mosquito net therefore offers double protection.

Why should an impregnated mosquito net be used?
Our mosquito nets GlisGlis Blue Edition are impregnated with an effective repellent from GreenFirst (Geraniol). This impregnation is durable for up to three years when used daily, preventing mosquitoes from staying on the net and attempting to sting through the net. Additional protection against bedbugs and fleas is therefore also given.


For children under 6 years and for pregnant women not recommended.
Please choose a mosquito net of our Green Edition without impregnation.


More information about impregnation can be found here: Safety & Care




White Polyester


High quality mesh with 156 holes/ Inch2 (WHO recommendations)


550g without drawstring bag