Please read the safety instructions.

We always strive to deliver only good and safe quality. Our nets guarantee optimal protection against mosquitoes. The mosquito nets of the GlisGlis Blue Edition are impregnated with an insecticide recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
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The GlisGlis Mosquito Net is impregnated with a special insect repellent (Deltamethrin), which keeps mosquitoes and other insects from entering the sleeping zone, thus providing extra protection. This is recommended by the World Health Organisation WHO for Malaria areas.
The repellent lasts on average about 1-2 years or 25 washes. Deltamethrin is not harmful to humans.


It is recommended to use impregnated mosquito nets in a well-ventilated area and to wash hands after contact with the mosquito net. When hand washing the net please wear gloves.


For children under 6 and pregnant women, we advise against using an insect repellent-impregnated net. Can cause allergic reactions.

Please use a mosquito net of the GlisGlis Green Edition without impregnation.


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Contains deltamethrin.
This is very toxic to aquatic organisms.
Pay attention to environmental standards when disposing of them.
Ask your local authority for a drop-off point for chemical waste.

When getting in and out of the mosquito net, please take special care in order to avoid tripping over! Especially in the dark.


Please do not let Kids unattended inside the mosquito net.


The GlisGlis mosquito net is made of polyester and is therefore highly flammable.


Please keep it away from hot objects and naked flames.


Do not smoke inside the mosquito net!