Basic rules. Good to know when you travel

When is a mosquito net useful?

A mosquito net protects you and your bed from nocturnal insects.

In your own home or on travels in the south of Europe, it guarantees a peaceful sleep with the windows open in summer. You can save yourself the nocturnal hunt for the little beasts.

When traveling in tropical areas, it has the additional task of protecting against dangerous diseases. It is therefore a good idea to protect yourself from mosquitoes on these trips at night. Additionally with an impregnation in areas with malaria or dengue fever. Our GlisGlis Blue Edition nets offer this protection.

Which mosquito net is the best for your home?

There are many mosquitoes, even in our latitudes. Since these rarely transmit malaria in Europe, a non-impregnated mosquito net is sufficient. We recommend our GlisGlis Green Edition, which has no impregnation. But these nets have a slightly higher mesh density to protect you optimally.

Which mosquito net do you recommend for trips to tropical countries?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. For trips to tropical countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Bali or other countries in Southeast Asia, you can generally travel with the Green Edition and the Blue Edition. However, if it is an area with a risk of malaria, you should definitely use an impregnated mosquito net from our GlisGlis Blue Edition. These mosquito nets are treated with a © Green First impregnation and offer you additional protection against mosquitoes.

Which net shape is best?

It always depends on what your needs are.
The advantage of the pyramid-shaped mosquito nets is that they can be set up quickly and practically. The pyramid shape has only one suspension point at the top and is therefore set up quickly. It can accommodate 2 people. For example, if you are traveling in Asia and would like to visit a new island or city every week, this is the best decision.

The advantage of the cube mosquito nets is the large amount of space inside. Due to the cube shape, these nets have vertical walls and offer significantly more space inside. Since these nets are hung at the 4 corners, it takes a little longer to set up. But it’s definitely worth the extra effort. 2 people have enough space here.

What makes the GlisGlis mosquito net better than conventional mosquito nets?

Our mosquito nets have a few very practical features. On the one hand, our nets can be stretched quickly and easily over the mattress thanks to an expander in the lower end. On the other hand, a large zipper offers a secure entrance. This means that our nets close securely all around and do not offer any gaps through which mosquitoes can get inside. No gaps. No mosquitoes.

Have your mosquito nets been tested?

We have of course also sent our mosquito nets to experienced travel backpackers and experts in world travel. So far, everyone has been enthusiastic about the network’s features. Especially the expander in the hem was perceived positively. You can find a detailed report from travel experts on the website of Flashpacker Travelguide read. Or the experts from Indojunkie , who tested the network to have. These travel professionals in particular know what is important when it comes to mosquito repellent, as they have years of experience.

Do your mosquito nets also work on single beds?

Our mosquito nets are basically made for the common bed sizes. This means that they fit best on double beds that are 1.40m to 2.0m wide.
Since single beds are only approx. 1m wide, the expander is no longer really tight in the lower end. You can of course still use our nets, but then it only works like an ordinary mosquito net. You then have to stuff the lower end of the net under the mattress to make it airtight.

How do I hang the mosquito net in the room?

Our pyramid-shaped mosquito net can be attached very quickly and easily to a hook on the ceiling. Thanks to the included carabiner, it’s just a click.

Our cube-shaped mosquito net needs 4 points to which it must be attached in the room. With a simple string you can then attach the net to a lamp or curtain rod, for example.

If you don’t have any suspension points, we recommend adhesive hooks from Tesa. These can easily be attached to the ceiling or walls and easily removed again.
You can find more information about the structure here Mosquito net structure

What mesh size / mesh number should a mosquito net have?

That depends very much on the place of use, as mosquitoes have different sizes everywhere. And of course the room temperature.
For our latitudes including southern Europe, we recommend a mesh size of 220 holes per square inch. As with our mosquito nets from the GlisGlis Green Edition.

For nights in the tropics, when it is significantly warmer and more humid, the WHO recommends a mesh size of 156 holes per square inch + one impregnation.

What alternatives are there to a mosquito net?

All kinds of essential oils, incense sticks or bracelets with an allegedly defensive scent are offered on the market. Unfortunately, these things do not really work and do not guarantee any protection against mosquito bites. The only real alternative to mosquito nets are mosquito sprays that are applied to the skin. But who wants to wear a chemical substance on their skin for weeks, especially at night in bed.

What does the mesh number mean for mosquito nets?

Mesh refers to the number of holes per area. This is measured internationally in square inches (inches). The higher the mesh number of a mosquito net, the smaller the mesh of the net through which mosquitoes can penetrate. But it also means less air circulation.

For travel destinations in southern Europe such as Italy or Spain, we recommend a mesh number of 220 holes per square inch, as our GlisGlis Green Edition has. These nets can also be used in Southeast Asia as long as it is not a malaria area.

For a stay in malaria areas, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a mesh number of at least 156 holes per square inch + impregnation, as our GlisGlis Blue Edition has.

(DE) Wann ist ein imprägniertes Moskitonetz ratsam?

(DE) Die WHO (Welt Gesundheitsorganisation) empfiehlt in Malaria-Gebieten wie z.B. im Norden Thailands ein imprägniertes Netz zu nutzen. Ansonsten ist eine Imprägnierung nicht zwingend notwendig.

Ein imprägniertes Insektennetz bietet einen höheren Schutz vor Mücken in der Nacht. Dank der Imprägnierung mit z.B. Geraniol (ein natürliches Gift) werden Moskitos schon beim Landen auf dem Netz gelähmt bzw. auch getötet.

Wir empfehlen speziell für Malariagebiete ein bereits imprägniertes Netz zu kaufen da die Imprägnierung zuhause umständlich ist und einem Grundwissen bedarf. Zum Beispiel sollte die restliche Imprägnierung nicht in den Abfluss bzw. Grundwasser gelangen und fachgerecht entsorgt werden.

Für Kinder sind imprägnierte Zelte nicht geeignet, da diese möglicherweise die Finger in den Mund nehmen und somit die Imprägnierung aufnehmen.

When is an impregnated mosquito net advisable?

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends using an impregnated net in malaria areas such as in northern Thailand. Otherwise impregnation is not absolutely necessary.

An impregnated insect net offers greater protection against mosquitoes at night. Thanks to the impregnation with e.g. geraniol (a natural poison) mosquitoes are paralyzed or killed as soon as they land on the net.

We recommend buying an already impregnated net especially for malaria areas, as impregnation at home is cumbersome and requires basic knowledge. For example, the remaining impregnation should not end up in the drain or groundwater and should be disposed of properly.

Impregnated tents are not suitable for children, as they may put their fingers in their mouths and thus absorb the impregnation.

Which mosquito net is suitable for children?

Basically, you should use a mosquito net without impregnation even when traveling in tropical countries with children under 6 years of age. Since small children in particular like to play with the net, they could touch it and then later put these fingers in their mouths. We therefore recommend a mosquito net for such trips that is also suitable for children, such as our GlisGlis Green Edition , which has a denser mesh size and therefore does not require any impregnation. It is also recommended that pregnant women use a non-impregnated mosquito net. Many manufacturers do not mention this, but it should be pointed out.

Why does the GlisGlis mosquito net have an expander in the hem?

The expander in the hem is probably the most significant advantage over conventional mosquito nets. While usual mosquito nets simply hang loosely over the bed or you have to stuff them under the mattress, our mosquito net sits securely on the mattress. This makes setting up the mosquito net quick and easy. And guarantees you maximum security against mosquitoes and other insects such as spiders or bed bugs.

Mosquito net made of cotton or polyester?

Our mosquito nets are made of polyester. Even if cotton makes more ecological sense, polyester nets have decisive advantages.

A mosquito net made of polyester does not absorb odors, weighs less, does not absorb moisture and therefore cannot mold. And is more resilient.