Welcome to the jungle

The GlisGlis Blue Edition

With the GlisGlis Blue Edition you’re perfectly equipped for the jungle.
A mosquito net has basically two tasks. First and foremost, it should keep annoying mosquitoes away at night to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Secondly, it is absolutely necessary, especially in tropical and subtropical areas, to protect themselves at night from mosquitoes that cause infectious diseases such as mosquitoes. Spread malaria.


Our GlisGlis mosquito nets are available in two different designs – as a pyramid or as a cube. All nets, of course, have our patented tensioning system and secure entry with zipper. With this combination and the high quality of our materials, they are among the safest mosquito nets you can find on the market.

In order to find your ideal GlisGlis mosquito net there are both designs as Green Edition without impregnation and as Blue Edition with impregnation. So you have the choice of four different variants and can adapt the mosquito net to your destination.


GREEN EDITION (without impregnation)


Ideal for travel worldwide where mosquitoes can disturb your sleep delicate. All GlisGlis mosquito nets have a mesh size according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO. The mosquito nets of the Green Edition have 220 holes per square inch and therefore do without impregnation. For this reason, they are also suitable for children. These 2-person mosquito nets provide good protection against mosquitoes on your vacation.


Twice as practical: the grids of the Green Edition are effective when traveling, but they are also great to use in your own home. So you can leave all windows open in the summer and sleep peacefully.


BLUE EDITION (with impregnation)
An impregnated mosquito net can be vital!
Especially in tropical areas, a single bite can be enough to infect with a dangerous disease, such as Malaria, dengue fever, West Nile fever, yellow fever or the Zika virus. Here you should definitely bring an impregnated mosquito net with you. In Malaria areas, which include some areas in Thailand, the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito is almost exclusively responsible for the transmission of malaria. An impregnated mosquito net therefore offers double protection. Thanks to this protective layer, a mesh width of 156 holes per square inch is sufficient here, which allows more air circulation in hot and humid areas.


When should an impregnated mosquito net be used?
Our mosquito nets GlisGlis Blue Edition are impregnated with an effective repellent (deltamethrin) against mosquitoes. This impregnation is durable for up to three years with daily use of the mosquito net and prevents mosquitoes from being on the net and trying to sting through the net. Additional protection against bedbugs and fleas is therefore also given.


What mosquito net do we recommend?
That depends on your destination. Just because mosquito repellent is about your own health, you should not save at the wrong end here. Therefore, you should inform yourself well in advance about the destination and the local circumstances. Our mosquito nets are definitely among the safest and highest quality mosquito nets you can find on the market. Thanks to our features, which are unique in this combination, we guarantee you maximum protection when traveling. All our mosquito nets comply with the guidelines of the World Health Organization WHO. Regardless of the design or possible additional impregnation.